Curry in a Hurry – My Favorite Tweeter

The hardest part about starting a blog is … starting the blog. I thought I’d ease into it by writing about my current favorite tweeter. There are a lot of thought leaders out there talking about profound subjects, comedians with no shortage of dick jokes, socialites with selfies, and so many more inundating the Twitterverse. Those guys aside, the one tweeter I can consistently rely on for content that makes my day is @DepressedDarth.

DepressedDarth Twitter


Classic @DepressedDarth. The posts are frequent enough that it seems that whenever I check my feed, something hilarious has been tweeted. I find it hard not to retweet nearly every one that I see! With all the crazy things happening in the world, I find it extremely comforting to read hard-core Star Wars nerd humor throughout the day. Who’s your go-to tweeter?

This article is paired with chicken curry. With our busy schedules, my husband and I have a quick and easy curry dish at least once a week. This post felt like one of those dinners. Let’s get something good — that might be debatable — on the table ASAP. Accidental rhyme score!


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