5 Simple Things for a Marketing Newbie to Try

In my eight years as a grown-up lady professional, I’ve dabbled in the arts of editing, writing, public relations, social media, email marketing and blogging. Which means I know a little about a lot and a lot about nothing at all. Now I am moving toward the field of search engine optimization and by gosh I will know everything. My knowledge going into the SEO arena was nada zilch and now I know a bit more than that; so I wanted to share 5 simple things that have helped me out along the way and that I would strongly suggest for a newbie to do to get ahead in the game:

1. Set up a Google Alert for terms related to your area: SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc. At quick glance, this will give you a good idea on what are some hot topics in the industry. Another thing I do (because I have trust issues about Google Alerts’ full disclosure with me) is search for the term, in my case “SEO,” and filter by News. That way I can scroll through all the recent articles and blog posts about SEO. I do this twice a day at least and there are usually some decent to really useful articles. Don’t forget to share them on socials after you read them.

2. Join relevant marketing groups on LinkedIn. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, then don’t both with what I am about to say and worry about signing up pronto. OK, signed up? Rewind. Join relevant marketing groups. You can read what other professionals are saying about the industry and people will often share some great tips and articles. Make sure you set up email alerts, otherwise if you’re busy like me, you’ll forget to proactively check the group, and you’ll miss out on some great stuff. Disclaimer, you’ll get more than you want, but that’s what the handy trash bucket is for or set up a rule to have them go into a special folder that you can check later if you can’t handle the inbox influx.

3. Follow the influencers on Twitter. I follow people from Moz, Search Engine Land, Forbes, Hubspot, Search Engine Watch, etc., because they always post great articles. I tend to follow more people upfront, and then go back and weed out those that don’t post enough relevant information, or only retweet articles, or post/retweet 100 times an hour, or post once a month (I also like a bit of humor or personal tweets sprinkled in for kicks). Read the articles, retweet them, tweet your opinion @ them and let them know if you enjoyed it. It’s important to start building your following and connections early and use them as mentors along the way.

4. Start a blog, any blog. I love writing and wanted to come up with an outlet for more creativity. I live and breathe marketing 9-5 every day, so the topic came pretty naturally, thus Dinnertime Marketing was born. Your blog doesn’t necessarily have to be about marketing, but pick a topic you like enough to write about. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not an SEO expert but there’s no better way to educate myself than by researching for a post. I challenge you to pick post topics that are a bit out of the box for you. You’d be surprised by what you might learn in the process, and if you can share that knowledge with others and help them solve a problem then you have realized the power of blogging. Kudos for you. (If you haven’t read Fighting the Blog Title Blues, check it out for tips on starting your blog.)

5. Go to a conference. There’s nothing like throwing yourself into the fiery pits of awkward conversation with strangers who know (or at least act like they know) more about a topic than you do to make you feel like a rock star! Am I right? Conferences are great for getting out of the office and seeing new cities, but even greater for networking with people like yourself. You’ll meet people at all levels in their careers, make industry connections, and maybe meet some lifetime friends. Conferences are invaluable for the knowledge packed into a short amount of time. In fact, I’m going to my first marketing conference in July (#MozCon) and am super excited (like, childhood-giddy-glee-because-I-just-got-a-new-bicycle excited). I’m ready to learn, eat, and mingle! If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you try to get yourself to one of these marketing conferences soon.

This post was paired with chicken, portobello mushrooms and onions sautéed in garlic and lemon, served on top of kelp noodles. Surprisingly delicious. No recipe link tonight — I whipped this bad boy up myself.



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