5 Newbie Twitter Tips (#Twips) to Build a Following

New to Twitter and not sure where to start? Don’t be overwhelmed with all those hip folks RTing, MTing, #hashtaging, and whatnot. I forgot where I heard this — I could Google it, but I just don’t care that much — but here’s how to think about Twitter: Facebook is full of people you know and don’t really like; Twitter is full of strangers you like and share interests with. Personally, I had no interest in Twitter until it became part of my job; now it’s my favorite form of social media. Here’s how to start a foundation of followers.

Start following. Once you create your Twitter account, you need to start following people. What is the goal of your account? Fun? Specific interest? Work-related? You’re going to want to follow people that you would like following you. If you’re really into Star Wars and Knitting, start looking for people with similar interests.

Engage. In addition to tweeting things you find interesting or humorous, you need to engage in order to build a following of tweeps. Check those folks you follow and retweet or favorite their posts. You can also tweet to them: agree, disagree, comment, etc. Create a conversation. If/when they reply, keep them engaged.

Mind your manners. As people follow you, retweet, or favorite your tweets, thank them! You’ll notice that a little kindness goes a long way in the Twitterverse.

Leverage trends. Always be mindful of what’s trending — you can often leverage trends to get noticed, especially if you’re clever with the trending hashtags. On the flip side, being aware of what’s trending is important to avoid certain topics that might make your tweets seem insensitive. Oh, and don’t go nuts on hashtags, two is plenty!

Tag, you’re it! Tag people’s handles when appropriate in order to get their attention. If you’re mentioning a company or product, check first to see if there’s a Twitter account for it.

This should get you going — you’ll see your followers increase in no time, and they should be people who are actually interested in what you have to offer!

This post comes paired with Nom Nom Paleo’s Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs. No real correlation here, they are just bloody good.



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