5-Step Twitter Recipe for Success

Social Media RecipesThis post is for those folks out there who recently signed up for Twitter and are feeling a little lost. Maybe you started your account because you read that you should be “out there” for brand awareness or to promote your products and services. You might be building your personal brand or posting on behalf of your company. Either way, you don’t get it. You’re frequently asking yourself “what’s the point?” No one is following you. No one is retweeting. Mythbuster: you don’t just sign up for Twitter and magically get a large following. As with everything in life, you need to work hard at it.

In the spirit of Dinnertime Marketing, I’ve developed a short recipe to help lost Tweeters get their sea legs. Give it a try for a month and you should see progress. It’s a simple recipe. Go on, try it. You’ve got nothing to lose!

5-Step Twitter Recipe for Success


  • Active (and optimized) Twitter account
  • Basic competency of people skills
  • Positive attitude!


  • Follow 5 people with similar interests
  • Favorite 3 posts that you actually find interesting
  • Retweet 2 tweets that you think your followers would like to see
  • Reply to a tweet with a sincere comment — it can be about the post, a compliment, a question, etc.
  • Tweet something meaningful to your brand/topic and use some dang hashtags

Repeat this once a week for a month. Benchmark your stats by taking note of your followers, retweets, favorites, etc. prior to starting this recipe. Something exciting I just learned: Twitter has analytics! You just need to activate Twitter ads (but you don’t have to actually purchase them).

After going through these motions for a short while, tweeting will feel more natural. You may even start having fun with it as people engage with you! Your Twitter account will continue to evolve, and at this point the training wheels come off. You become one with Twitter. Go with the flow. Participate. Engage. Rejoice.

Also, don’t forget to check out my Twitter Tips article for even more tweety-goodness. This post comes paired with leftover Chicken Ranch from my daughter’s birthday party. #noms


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