Social Media Success Summit 2014 – Day 1

I’m super excited to be attending the Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit. It’s been many years since I’ve attended a user conference and been on the receiving end of the learning. This conference is different than any I’ve attended before. Why? Because it is 100% online, which is cool because it made it much more cost effective (cheap, I’ll just say cheap), and as a bonus, I don’t have to spend time away from my adorable toddler. The downside is that it’s 100% online, which means in my situation a significant amount of time sequestered from distractions at work (and the inbox is piling up!). Day one went well, but I already see many scheduling conflicts in the not-so-distant future, so good thing they record them for later viewing. Although, I have to say it’s fun to Twitter chat and see ideas pop up in real time. Does anyone agree there should be a hashtag for those of us talking about it in off hours (perhaps #SMSS14afterdark?) If the reference is lost on you, I have no words.

Let’s get down to the meat of it. What did I learn today?

Social Media Success Summit Day 1The first keynote was “Drip Feed Marketing,” by Mike Stelzner. It’s about regularly delivering free content to an audience who will find value in it. The key message I took away from this was to ask your audience what content they want. Why guess when you can set up a quick poll and ask? Also, my favorite quote was in reference to creating content: “Relevance trumps pizzazz every time.” I take this to mean that content is still king!

The second keynote was “How to Use Visual Content to Drive Massive Social Media Engagement,” by Kim Garst. She stressed the importance of being visual; apparently you only have about six seconds to impress visitors to your website. They will judge your company based on how snazzy your website is. I can’t say I disagree; I recently selected a new dog groomer based on its website. Kim also provided many tools and tips on creating sharable content; she gave a big ‘ol bump to Canva. You may remember them from my previous post about free webinars. But I digress …

Finally, Andy Crestodina finished it up with “How Examining Two Numbers in Your Analytics Will Make You a Better Blogger.”  He had some very cool things to show us on finding your star content in analytics  and how to improve it. He shared a formula for giving an SEO boost to old content by indicating relevance by using keywords:

  • in the beginning of the title tag
  • once in the H1
  • four to six times in the body
  • within links to the page from other pages on your site (link from your old stuff to your new stuff)

While doing this is totally on the up-and-up with Google and other search engines, I found this statement to be a good reminder, “Don’t compromise your content so much that you can’t recognize it. That’s spam.”

There ya go — the Social Media Success Summit Day 1 in a nutshell, a small digestible nutshell. So far, this conference is packed with a ton of great content; you should see the amount of notes I took today!

I will be posting more articles about my learnings from the event, but let’s be honest, I probably won’t get to writing one every day of the conference. But I’ll do my best to share the tips I discover with you!

This post comes paired with sopes. Delicious sopes from Palapa in Santa Barbara, CA.



    1. Thanks for the comment Lucy! I wouldn’t say that Mike and Kim contradict each other. Visuals are a form of content, and they still need to be relevant. Kim’s point is that a graphic gets more attention than text alone (because it is easier to digest). And Mike’s point is that the content needs to be relevant and useful to your audience. I took it to mean that a quality graphic containing information valuable to your audience will be viewed and shared more than plain text in a social media post. What are your thoughts on the topic?

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