Social Media Success Summit 2014 – Week 3

I’ve done my best to boil down the tips and tricks from last week’s sessions — I hope you find them helpful. As always, you’re going to want to listen to the recordings for yourself to get the most out of what Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit has to offer.

Day 1 – Blogging with sessions by Stan Smith, Leslie Samuel, and Mana Ionescu

3 Takeaways from Week 3 of the Social Media Success SummitSince Rachel and I started this blog a few months ago, I’ve been eager to learn as much as I can about the art of blogging. In these sessions I found that there was an overwhelming amount of helpful information, so I’m giving you the highlights. If you’re a blogger you are definitely going to want to check out the recordings!

  • Offer solutions to problems with your blog articles
  • Write posts as part of a series to keep people coming back
  • Get testimonials from your customers and promote them through your blog
  • The blog subscription CTA should be front and center
  • If you advertise on your blog, place the ads within content
  • Use your blog to build your email list
  • Ask your readers what they want via a short survey
  • Always have others edit your work
  • Keep it simple and clean (less is more) → STOP once you’ve made your point
  • Mention at least one influencer per post

Day 2 – Pinterest Marketing with sessions by Cynthia Sanchez, Michael Bepko, and Donna Moritz

I’m not heavily into Pinterest. Personally, I use it to search out knitting/crocheting ideas for crafts I make for my daughter. Professionally, I use it to build SEO for a B2B software company. I went in to these sessions thinking that I wouldn’t get much out of them due to my limited use, but I was wrong. I learned a surprising amount of tips and tricks.

  • Pinterest is turning into a search tool
    • Optimize your pins with keywords in the names and descriptions
  • Pinterest now has messages; you can contact people, ask them questions, engage, etc.
  • Pinterest has analytics: — I had no idea this was a thing!
  • Visual content is extremely important
    • Try creating a series of original images (10-20 in a batch) — they can be quotes, motivational, tips, etc. — use a tool like Buffer to schedule them out.

Day 3 – Podcasting with sessions by Cliff Ravenscraft, John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Pat Flynn, and Lewis Howes

I’m going to be honest here. I don’t think I’m cut out for podcasts. I was tempted to skip these sessions, but then I thought it’s best to hear it all out, especially since I paid for it! Much of it didn’t resonate with me because I don’t see podcasting in my near future. That said, these guys definitely know their stuff; and if you are even toying with the idea of podcasting, you really need to take advantage of the recordings.

  • Why podcast?
    • Because there is no screen time, you have a captive audience
    • People can listen while working out, commuting in the car, travelling, etc.
  • Grow your audience
    • Leverage directories
    • Participate in Webinars and demonstrate thought leadership
    • Leverage “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes
    • Do interviews!
      • Broaden your audience, make connections, etc.

Day 4 – Video Marketing with sessions by Caleb Wojcik, Ronnie Bincer, and Gideon Shalwick

I have a brief background in video production from college and my previous job. At my current job we’re lucky enough to have a staff videographer. I was still interested in hearing about videos from a social media standpoint since I have very little experience in it. It’s really amazing what people can produce for free with their smartphones that back-in-the-day would take a crew and a ton of equipment!

  • Try doing an “unboxing” — a video review of what receiving and using a brand new product looks like. It’s basically what people are interested in before they buy something anyway.
  • Create a repeatable video process (always do the same thing to save time and resources)
  • Use your video scripts later on as transcripts, blog posts, etc.
  • Create shorter videos that branch off of your longer ones
  • Try Camtasia for editing
  • Take advantage of Google Hangouts on Air which has no limit on how many people can watch (and it’s free live-streaming video)
  • Experiment with advertising on YouTube

Hope you guys enjoyed last week’s sessions as much as I did! Be sure to check out my other recaps of past SMSS14 sessions so you don’t miss a thing.