Social Media A’Poppin’ — Choose Wisely

Choose-WiselyIf you’re starting a social media program for your company, it can be quite daunting. There are so many different platforms. Do you sign up for all of them? Blindly pick 1 to start with? Cry and run away? Don’t do any of those things — instead, just stop and think for a minute, and read this quick guide to getting your company started in social media marketing.

Who are you trying to reach? Maybe you want to engage with current customers who need your support. Or you’re looking to find customers you have not yet been able to reach with your website alone. You might even be trying to build partnerships with other companies in related industries. What is the demographic you want to connect with?

Where are they social? Do some research. Are they heavily on Facebook, but not really on Twitter? Maybe they’re more business-oriented and mainly on LinkedIn? Perhaps they are extremely visual and big-time Instagrammers? Do they meet in communities on Google+? Don’t forget to look at Pinterest — they might be creating boards with your product!

Less is more. A lot of articles on the Web may make you think that jumping headfirst into every platform is the way to go, but I think it’s good to start small. Build a following, engage, and see how it goes. You may want to add another platform or two; you might also find that you’ve hit the sweet spot! Take it from someone who knows, managing more than five social platforms at one time can be crazy town!

This post was inspired by my giant bowl of Sriracha popcorn that I ate instead of dinner. We all have nights like that, right?